Monday, March 19, 2012

John 11:32 WOULD HE!

I still remember quite well when I first joined the United States Marine Corps on what was expected of me. I was told not to "think" but to do. Then a few years had past, I started to be promoted and well things started to change. Now I was told it was time for me to "think" and not to do, wow to do or not, to think or not what a crazy world I had landed myself in. I am sure all of us have gone this route with our parents, bosses, or someone that is close to us from one time or another. Here is the issue with me, I am not a real deep thinker by any means, I am just an action figure kind of person, have a problem let us fix it here and now! Not the best attitude to have but I find in my case, most of the people that I know, seemed to be in much deeper thought about things then I am. I do have to say there have been times when I am hit "Right" between the eyes with something that has happened during a day. Then I have a real hard time dealing with my actions, or the lack of, as was the case today. Without going too deep into what happened, I had an opportunity to help a man today by just buying him some food at the VA Hospital but after a brief conversation, he seemed to be very unstable so I just left well enough alone and walked away. Now I have questioned myself time after time again if I could have handled it much differently and I could have, but I did not. It was such an easy read for me, he was just hungry, confused and down right cold. Therefore, here is the question I keep asking myself about today, if I were Lazarus and Jesus was my friend, WOULD HE HAVE WEPT at my death? John 11:32. I know what you are thinking, I am not just talking about today, but am I really doing God's will each and everyday?  I see that I have a lot more growing to do in my daily walk with the Lord.

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