Sunday, December 30, 2012


Sometimes we miss our brothers more than the time before. To remember who we are is sometimes really hard to figure out. We sometimes sit, smile, laugh, cry and then wonder where do we go from here. This deployment is so much different than... any other deployment you have ever made in the past. I pray that the Holy Spirit falls upon you as you sit and think of your next step you must take. One that you don't need to take by yourself, "IT'S YOUR CALL" 1-800-273-8255 press (1) Confidential help for you and your family. May the Lord our God be with you these next few days.


Shepherds Grip

Gregg Jones GySgt USMC Ret.

Monday, September 24, 2012


Hilly, Shepherd’s Grip Ministry and I (Hilly is my service dog) went downtown to the Phoenix Veteran’s Hospital for a doctors appointment. As always, I added extra time to evangelize before or after my appointment (s) for witnessing to the Veterans or staff while at the hospital. With God’s Promises books in my backpack, we walked down hallways looking for whom ever the Lord would send us. Hilly and I met a few Veteran believers, praise God, and continued walking. Then the day took a turn that I never thought would ever happen. Two young Interns, turn right into Hilly’s and my pathway, praise the Lord! As they were walking, I began talking to them until one of them said, “I don’t know why you are wasting your time with us because we are atheists.” The only words that I could think of were, “I‘m glad you believe in something, I’ll pray for you, and I did”. Then Hilly took us down a hallway that I had never been down before. Though I knew the hospital, I was turned around and lost my direction. Just as we were making are way down this unfamiliar hallway we then made a right turn, bam, right in front of us was this weak, frail Veteran on a hospital bed. As I stood there, he motioned me to come closer. As I looked into his eyes, I knew his time on earth was close at hand. With all of his energy, his words will always be with me, “You can pray for me!” as he excepted the Lord, just then I could feel the chills running down my back, how did Hilly know? The hallway I have never been down before. Therefore, the next day I went back to the hospital only to find out that he had passed away. I was happy that he was with the Lord, but sad because I did not know his name. Someday, I will.  Shepherd’s Grip Ministry

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Every year millions of people go the Las Vegas to make it rich, some bet their life savings to make it "Big" but only to lose it all. Feeling sick to their stomach, they knew that if they would just hedge their money they would surely win, only to lose. Ninety-eight percent of all the people that bet on something without first weighting the odds will lose.

The assurance that only we that believe in the Christ will go to heaven is not as our culture often sees, or explains it. The sad thing is they do not know the odds, only to lose their salvation. However, let us be very clear on this, He (Jesus) is the Truth and the Way and the Bible teaches us and proves that. The only way to the Father is through the Son.

Nevertheless, is it really worth chasing the fables of the "World" of our "Cultures," only to lose our eternal "bet" with heaven? Ninety-eight percent come up short without knowing the odds. It is your turn to make the bet, just as it was with "Tom."  Do you know your odds?

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Nearly everyone reaches a moment, when the only thing he or she can think to do is pray. Tragedy,uncertainty, fear, insecurity can bring the most-assured individuals to their knees. Americans are nervous and the days ahead are sure to be filled with many prayers for protection, prosperity, patience, and peace. But the one thing that we must keep in mind is; Prayers are not a transfer of information to God, but rather an act of humility. See the Lord knows all before we do or say something. He already knows are thoughts and needs before we do. The only reason why we turn to prayer is, that it is the most personal way to experience God at His love and grace or when we cry out for help and praise. Have you prayed today?  Prayer in not a transfer of information, but rather an act of Humility

Sunday, September 9, 2012


William Randolph Hearst 1863-1951 built the Nation's largest newspaper business in California. Mr Hearst built what is now the Hearst Castle in central Calif. It sits on 250,000 acres and has over 90,000 sq ft living area. It has 56 bedrooms, 61 bathrooms, 19 sitting areas. Needless to say, the man was wealthy. Mr Hearst was also a prolific buyer and purchase of art and antiques to furnish his ...home and to "own" as much as he could, to have in his collection. Mr Hearst built his home to accommodate his bulging collection of art he had acquired and kept in many different warehouses.

One day Mr Hearst read an article in an overseas news paper about a painting that "he had to have in his collection". He called for his trusted buyer to seek out and buy that painting at any cost. Finally, after searching for two months his trusted buyer gave him the news about the painting. Mr Hearst asked him if he bought the painting and his answer was no. He informed Mr Hearst that the painting he was sent to buy was indeed already bought by Mr Hearst years ago and was sitting in his warehouse with many other paintings. Is Jesus in your warehouse and you don't even know it?   "Don't get lost in the collection mode"

Shepherd's Grip

Saturday, September 8, 2012


The year was 1985, and I was a young but old 25 year old United States Marine Staff Sergeant. I had about 50 men under my charge and an Officer in Charge (OIC) name Captain Scott. We had just gotten back from a pretty hard Deployment (away from our families) and it was time to reunite with our children and those who were married, with their wife's.

Capt Scott was a prior enlisted Marine which w...e called a Mustanger. He was as good as they come and a great OIC, as he would stay out of my way when it came to leading the "troops" on the day to day routine stuff and he would handle the "Brass" stuff. I believe he was as good as doing that as I was, but he had more on his collar (rank) then I did, but we both didn't like the dog and pony show thing, but it had to be done and he did it the right way.

The other thing we did good together was, "Give us a Mission" and let us go, get out of our way, and we would get it done right and come home as quickly as we possibly could. Not one second to early, not one second to late as long as the "Mission" was complete and the job was done correctly. That also meant a boat load of paper work and gear to be cleaned upon return, plus helping the young Marines put their lives back on track (if that was ever possible). There was always something or someone we would pull out of the base brig (jail) all in a days work.

Troops, this is where Capt Scott and myself had a heart for, our young Marines. He had a gift about himself and was able to take the most impossible task and get it turned around quickly. That's what I loved about this man, his love for his Marines, their families, and their issues, and yes at 18-35 we men all have issues. His leadership meant so much to me and to all of the troops that loved him dearly... and I mean dearly, with their lives. Capt Scott was a Leader among men.

I always hated that late 2 am or 3 am phone call in the early mornings, because it seems that the information you get is not good. I remember that call, as if it was yesterday. It was a normal Friday, we all left early and Capt Scott had a date night with his wife and 3 other couples. As far as I knew, it was what they would do when the unit got back from a deployment. Eight went out to dinner, and nothing out of the normal that day or night, until the phone rang. "Staff Sergeant Jones", the Sergent Major asked, I said, "yes this is", and with little words he told me to get into work right away and forget the uniform. This is not good.

None of my family was hurt, I made that call and all were mad at me because they thought it was about me getting hurt. As I drove into the compound I could see the Commanding Officers' car, the XO car, the SgtMaj car and that was it. It didn't really hit me until I got up stairs to the offices that Capt Scotts' car was not in the parking lot. As the SgtMaj was calling me into the office to tell me what happened, Capt Scott's wife, their 4 children and the Chaplin showed up. I knew it was not going to be good news, and then it hit me hard, real hard.

Capt Scott had hung himself and his wife found him at 1:00 am in their home. Why you ask would a young man with it all going in the right direction do this kind of thing, we will never know, that's why its the silent killer. I will always know him as a great leader, man and a great Marine Officer that loved his family and men. He was really hurting to take his own life. This is the time if you know or have a loved one on Active duty or a Veteran. ASK the question, "How are you doing?" Pass out this number (800)-273-8255 press 1 "It's your call" this is a "Crisis Hot Line." all calls are confidential.

note: I only used Capt Scott's first name, not his last.

Monday, September 3, 2012


The Bible talks a lot about sheep and their relationship with their shepherd. The thing with sheep is they need a shepherd around them at all times to guide them, guard them, water them, and even help them with their normal daily routine.

King David, a shepherd at his young age knew of his “Shepherd.” A passage in the Bible begins, "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul. . . ."

Sheep need to be told when to eat, when to sleep, and when to drink. They will not even defend themselves when danger comes. This is why the shepherd is with them 24 hours a day, to protect them and guide them. We have the “Holy Sprit” to guide us and protect us at all times. However, we are not sheep, and in the military, there is a saying that we call “Doing a gut check” or “Something is just not right.” We need to either, fix it or change the habit that nobody else knows about that could hurt others in the “Unit.” This is why we need our Shepherd “Jesus the Christ” to guide and protect us with our daily routine, 24/7- 365 days a year.

Does your life style need a “Shepherd” to guide you? Is it time that you do a “Gut Check” and follow through with your “Mission at hand.” Maybe we need to face down the enemy in our life style that blocks us from our “Shepherd.” Everybody knows that we are our worst enemy!

I know I need my “Shepherd” 24/7 - 365 days a year to complete my “Mission”!


Shepherd’s Grip

Sunday, August 26, 2012

IT's Never to Late!

Three weeks or so ago I found myself in Palo Alto California at the VA Center for the WRISS program. It is a two part assessment for the many different illnesses related to the Gulf War that have not been explained for what ever reason.  I would be there for 4 days as a live guinea pig to help find some answers and maybe some "How's and Why's".  Part One was to have a pretty extensive medical exam from some of the finest Doctors at the Staford Medical Institute.  Their job was to collect as much Medical information as possible from my medical records and to interview me on many different topics and exposures in the "Gulf War" related to the illnesses that effect many American and NATO Veterans.  Part 2 was for the Medical Team to use me as a guinea pig with the state of the art MRI equipment in hopes to gather information about TBI's (traumatic brain injures) through PET and CAT Scan tests and to see how they effect the service men/woman's brains after being exposed to them.  This Blog really is not about the medical exam as it is about a man named Tom. Tom was 82 years old and had cancer in his lungs and had never been sick in his lifetime, now he's in a fight for his life. I met Tom's wife outside his room one night and she had told me that he has never excepted the Lord Jesus as his Savior and had gone to the point to tell his Priest that he could not even pray for him. Tom was hurting from something and scared to die! I asked Tom's wife if I could try to talk to Tom, and she said please with tears in her eyes.  I told her, I am nobody special except I have talked to many Veterans in the past and with the "Holy Spirit" all things are possible! So as Tom and I talked about his condition and that the outlook wasn't as good as he would have liked, I could feel the change in the room. I then asked Tom if I could pray for him, he accepted. There wasn't a dry eye in the room.  Tom's wife told me that I was the only one that he had ever let pray for him in his 82years here on earth!  It's Never to Late to have someone accept the Lord!  Be bold in the Lord and Just ask!

Shepherd's Grip

Sunday, August 5, 2012


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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Simon Wiesenthal; (Lost 89 family members in the WWII Nazi Genocide)
Logo by; Brian Ring                                       

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Did you know that Shepherd's Grip Ministry donated over 30,000 Bibles and Christian books to the American Veterans and their families in 2011?  We are now working on a grant that would allow us to double the number of Bibles that we will be able to donate.  Bibles and books have made it around the world in different military units in 2011. They have been shipped to the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard in every theater of Military operation.  Both Active and Reserve units have received Bibles and Christian books and some have asked to receive more.  We have also been able to supply enough to our "snow bird" friends in the VA Medical Centers in Mesa and the Phoenix Hospital which has required 2 times the amount of Bibles in 2011 than in prior years. It is very exciting to see God working in many different people’s lives as we continue to expand the reach of the Ministry to so many hurting people in these tough times.  2011 was a very exciting time for us at Shepherds Grip as we fulfilled the requirements to become a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.  Any donations to Shepherds Grip Ministry are tax deductible and will receive a letter at the end of the year for income tax filing. 100% of the donations go directly for the purchase of Bibles and books, and we are redesigning a cover to better fit the Veteran population. Creating a book cover made for the American Veteran through Thomas Nelson Publishing Company is awaiting the final cost to run the unique books.  So as you see, we are not standing still growing moss on our feet here at Shepherds Grip Ministry. As the Marines would say we are in full speed and heading forward.  We thank our Christian brothers and sisters for their donations for 2011 and looking forward to 2012.  May God Bless all who care for are American Veterans.  Because we know of their sacrifice, and they made them for us! Freedom is Not Free!

Friday, July 6, 2012


Have you ever felt so alone that you thought nobody cared about you?  Sometimes even your friends do not even call to check to see if you are still breathing.  I seem to fall into this valley from time to time with out even a life line to grab a hold of.  But just as the darkest of times start to roll in as if a storm is coming, a light shines within us through either a song, Christian book or a phrase from the Bible that lets us know that our God does live with us, and surely among all of us.  He doesn't even have a watch, clock or calender to go by.  The other day I felt that coldness of night all over me making me feel as if I was all alone, and just as I felt that motion of falling off the cliff, our Lord Jesus through his Spirit revealed His scripture not only for me but to all of us that have felt this way one time or another in our life's. Then being true in His love for us, I  heard,  "Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you.  He will not leave you nor forsake you". Deut: 31:6 nkjv So remember no matter what, He is always with you, and you are never without Him!

Shepherd's Grip

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Team Hilly is working hard to raise $500.00 to help the next person in line to receive a service dog free of charge from  This is a great way to help get involved with people with disabilities!  Lead, Follow but please support Team Hilly to make her goal!!

All of my paws,
              TEAM HILLY

Law Now Allows Retirees and Vets to Salute Flag

Law Now Allows Retirees and Vets to Salute Flag

Traditionally, members of the nation's veterans service organizations have rendered the hand-salute during the national anthem and at events involving the national flag only while wearing their organization’s official head-gear.

The National Defense Authorization Act of 2008 contained an amendment to allow un-uniformed service members, military retirees, and veterans to render a hand salute during the hoisting, lowering, or passing of the U.S. flag.

A later amendment further authorized hand-salutes during the national anthem by veterans and out-of-uniform military personnel. This was included in the Defense Authorization Act of 2009, which President Bush signed on Oct. 14, 2008.

Here is the actual text from the law:




Section 301(b)(1) of title 36, United States Code, is amended by

striking subparagraphs (A) through (C) and inserting the following new


``(A) individuals in uniform should give the

military salute at the first note of the anthem and

maintain that position until the last note;

``(B) members of the Armed Forces and veterans who

are present but not in uniform may render the military

salute in the manner provided for individuals in

uniform; and

``(C) all other persons present should face the flag

and stand at attention with their right hand over the

heart, and men not in uniform, if applicable, should

remove their headdress with their right hand and hold it

at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart;

Note: Part (C) applies to those not in the military and non-veterans. The phrase "men not in uniform" refers to civil service uniforms like police, fire fighters, and letter carriers - non-veteran civil servants who might normally render a salute while in uniform.

info from:

Friday, May 18, 2012

"AM I" or "I AM"

The other day I went to the VA Center in Phoenix to meet a young man that is disabled.  As we were talking, I noticed how the love of Jesus was shining in his words.  As the day went on and I was driving back to San Tan Valley I asked myself, "Am I" doing the Lords work that my faith and words shine also? I pray that what I do and say should be fruitful in the eyes of the Lord.  How do I really know that the love I have for "I AM" shows in my actions and deeds? I just pray that when I get called home, Jesus will have this big smile on His face and welcome me! "AM I" worthy of heaven? NO! but "I AM" is and he loves all of us and has paid for all of our sins in full! " Welcome Home Good and Faithful Servant" "AM I"?

Shepherd's Grip

Monday, April 30, 2012


I was truly blessed this last week by being involved with the Disability Empowerment Expo held Friday & Saturday in Phoenix, AZ.  The Expo is held every year for those that have a sever Disability and their family members to see new solutions and designs of equipment and services.  I heard so many God Stories where the parent, parents or individuals would lay out there hearts to me a total stranger, about their walk with Christ Jesus and how great He is. The one common thread was that each one had a strong and unwavering love for the Lord Jesus Christ. Of all the classes of people that should be mad and could be they weren't!  As I listened to there stories and hardships, I had to take a time or two for myself and just reflect on how great God has been with me over my life time and all of the blessings he has given me.  My heart ached for these men and women and yet it was full of Love, the Love only God could give us and these great families with there testimonials. I heard stories from birth issues to car accidents, from a police officer that was on duty to the youngest of people that could not speak, and yet most could have been no more than 20 or 30 years old.  Just as everything was just starting to wind down at the Expo, a mother and two younger women stopped at the display booth to meet Hilly you know her, she's my blond fury friend with four paws a pink nose and then the bomb hit. The mother of one of the younger women just started to cry, and as I paused a moment before I said something dumb. She started to explained to me that she had just recently wanted to seek Christ again after walking away from Him a few year or so ago. When she went back to her well known Religion out here in Arizona to seek counsel, she was told in know uncertain terms "That You Will Never Be Forgiven!" The last time I checked my Bible, only Jesus will make that call and nobody else! This is why it is so important that we as Christian's need too get bold and get the correct "WORD" out. Our mission field starts as we leave our homes and does not stop until we go to sleep at night. We are to be the light in darkness, to guild the likes of these lost souls, to show them the right home with Peace and a Loving, Living God! Needless to say, we went into some Scripture via the "Holy Spirit" and they all excepted the Lord as there Savior! I referred them to a strong Christian Church in the Tri-City area! What a Great Day in the Lord! Thank You Lord Jesus and may God Bless America!  Lord willing I will be there next year and many years to come!

JOHN 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

In His Service
Shepherd's Grip

Thursday, April 26, 2012


How many times have you thought that you were in control of your life only to find out your not.  I came  across a line that I believe is one of the easiest way to explain who gets into Heaven.  Heaven is not for "Good People" it's for "Forgiven People."  What a powerful way to look on how we get to heaven and its not by works as some would like to believe, but by Grace, Believing and Forgiveness from our Lord Christ Jesus.  Time here on earth is like a vapor in the air a twinkle of an eye, short in deed as the Bible tells us. So don't let go of the wheel, because the One who is driving our lives for us is the only one who knows our roads before we get their. Heaven in made for the "Forgiven not Good People"!  

In His Service
Shepherd's Grip

Friday, March 30, 2012

To Be Absent From This Body Mr Einstein!

The Bible tells us that to be absent from these earthly bodies is to be present with the Lord.  So how fast is that? Well Mr Einstein theorized that the speed of light in a vacuum -- approximately 186,280 miles per second, or about 700 million miles per hour -- is an absolute speed limit, and used the value in his famous formula, E = mc2.  What! Paul was virtually alone in prison; only Luke was with him and yet he still took the time before he was executed to write 2 Timothy.  Paul wrote his last letter to Timothy and all Christians everywhere to pass the torch to the new generation of church leaders. To follow the teachings that Christ had used him for and to reach the Gentiles like you and I.  Paul convicted as a follower of Jesus of Nazareth, lay in a cold Roman prison, cut off from the world around A.D. 66 or 67 about 30 years after Christ was crucified.  Have you ever felt cut off from the world, lonely, cold and scared not knowing were to go or turn to?  Could you image how Timothy must have felt when he received the very last Epistle from Luke, and knowing how Paul had died. But Paul was still steadfast in his faith towards Jesus, Paul was given that final time to show how Christ had changed his heart and his priorities. Displaying the need for the sound doctrine and confident of the enduring love that our Lord Christ Jesus has for us, Paul fought the good fight. I just hope when its my time to go home, I can be as sure as Paul was from that cold dark Roman prison.

Shepherds grip

Monday, March 19, 2012

John 11:32 WOULD HE!

I still remember quite well when I first joined the United States Marine Corps on what was expected of me. I was told not to "think" but to do. Then a few years had past, I started to be promoted and well things started to change. Now I was told it was time for me to "think" and not to do, wow to do or not, to think or not what a crazy world I had landed myself in. I am sure all of us have gone this route with our parents, bosses, or someone that is close to us from one time or another. Here is the issue with me, I am not a real deep thinker by any means, I am just an action figure kind of person, have a problem let us fix it here and now! Not the best attitude to have but I find in my case, most of the people that I know, seemed to be in much deeper thought about things then I am. I do have to say there have been times when I am hit "Right" between the eyes with something that has happened during a day. Then I have a real hard time dealing with my actions, or the lack of, as was the case today. Without going too deep into what happened, I had an opportunity to help a man today by just buying him some food at the VA Hospital but after a brief conversation, he seemed to be very unstable so I just left well enough alone and walked away. Now I have questioned myself time after time again if I could have handled it much differently and I could have, but I did not. It was such an easy read for me, he was just hungry, confused and down right cold. Therefore, here is the question I keep asking myself about today, if I were Lazarus and Jesus was my friend, WOULD HE HAVE WEPT at my death? John 11:32. I know what you are thinking, I am not just talking about today, but am I really doing God's will each and everyday?  I see that I have a lot more growing to do in my daily walk with the Lord.

Shepherds Grip  

Monday, March 12, 2012


"Only fear the Lord, and serve Him in truth with all your heart; for consider what great things He has done for you."

Lets just look at the last part of this verse; "for consider what great things He has done for you."  Is it just me or do you feel like your life is out of control at times?  If we could indeed put into action the exact words that Samuel tells us here in verse 24!  Have you ever noticed that we try to fit "our program" into God's plans?  What if we follow God's plans that He has for our programs?  I seem to find myself only willing to look to God after "I" have not been able to correct the plans that "I" have made for myself that day.  So when do I trust in God's plan for me from health issues to the smallest of things during my day? Only when I have failed?  Just how much do we really rob ourselves from His true love and peace that He has for us when we trust in our own plans?  I always have to keep reminding myself that we have a God that does truly love us and knows what's best for us even if "I" don't think so.  I just need to pray and put "His plan" first before I act on mine!

Shepherd's Grip

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Did you know that Team Hilly logged in over 2,500 Volunteer hours and 8,000 miles in 2011!  She worked with the Youth in the Pinal Juvenile Youth Detention Center, canvassed the Phoenix downtown area at 2:00 am to help find and locate the homeless Veterans.  She was involved in the H-3 program identifying those with at risk health issues and without homes. She worked tireless long hours during the Arizona Stand Down in February 2011.  The Arizona Stand Down provides much needed services to more than 2,400 Veterans and their families over a long, but loved filled three days. All the services that were provided at the Stand Down, work directly with the Veterans giving them hope and help to the Veteran and their children. Hilly also found time to visit the local schools in her area and showed off her talents as a "Hearing Service Partner." She helped to motivate the children that seemed to be "lost" in the "System" by using her personality and her talents. As busy as 2011 was for Miss Hilly, she never complained nor did she ever stop loving those that she spent time with. But Miss Hilly wasn't quite done yet for 2011, very determined, she spent many hours between the Mesa VA Clinic and down town Phoenix VA Hospital making friends and a name for herself among the Staff and Patients.  She always fines the time for a rewarding pet and love from the youngest to the oldest of people that she meets each and every day. Miss Hilly also gets plenty of play time in her daily schedule!  Needless to say, these paws just keep on walking, that's why her name in Hebrew is "Greatly Praised".
May all be Blessed that meet Miss Hilly!
Shepherd's Grip

Sunday, February 26, 2012


The NRD connects Wounded Warriors, Service Members, Veterans, their Families and Caregivers with those who support them.

What Is The National Resource Directory?  The NRD provides access to thousands of services and resources at the national, state and local levels to support recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration.  Wound warriors, service members, veterans, families and caregivers can find information on key topics such as health care, employment and education.

Why Was the NDR created?  The NDR was created to serve those who have served our country.  The site provides a central place online where all listed but not limited to up-to-date information about the services and resources available to help them, both nationally and in the communities where they live and work.

The NDR offers information on: 

*Benefitis &Compensation
*Education & Training
*Family & Caregiver Support
*Homeless Assistance
*Transportation & Travel
*Volunteer Opportunities
*Other Services & Resources

Please get this information out to though that have and still are serving.  This is very impotant to pass up!!
The Email is

May God Bless All and May all be in His Rest and Peace!

Shepherds Grip Ministry

(info provided by the Semper Fidelis 4th qtr)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Shepherd's Grip Update

Did you know that Shepherd's Grip Ministry donated over 30,000 Bibles and Christian books to the American Veterans in 2011?  We are now working on a grant that would allow us to double the number of Bibles that we will be able to donate.  Bibles and books have made it around the world in different military units in 2011. They have been shipped to the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard in every theater of Military operation.  Both Active and Reserve units have received Bibles and Christian books and some have asked to receive more.  We have also been able to supply enough to our "snow bird" friends in the VA Medical Centers in Mesa and the Phoenix Hospital which has required 2 times the amount of Bibles in 2011 than in  prior years. It is very exciting to see God working in many different peoples lives as we continue to expand the reach of the Ministry to so Many Hurting  Veterans in these tough times.  2011 was a very exciting time for us at Shepherds Grip as we fulfilled the requirements to become a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.  Any donations to Shepherds Grip Ministry is tax deductible and will receive a letter at the end of the year for income tax filing. 100% of the donations go directly for the  purchase of Bibles and books,  and we are redesigning a cover to better fit the Veteran population. Creating a book cover made for the American Veteran through Thomas Nelson Publishing Company is  awaiting the final cost to run the unique books.  So as you see, we are not standing still growing moss on our feet here at Shepherds Grip Ministry. As the Marines would say we are in full gear and heading forward.  We thank our Christian brothers and sisters for their donations for 2011 and looking forward to 2012.  May God Bless all who care for our American Veterans.  Because we know of their sacrifice, and they made them for us! Freedom is Not Free! If Your Heart Leads,  Please Donate, its easy and safe so we can expand Gods' Ministry to many more Veterans in our back yards that are Homeless, living on the streets and alley ways!! Trust me, it is not safe out there!!!  Help A Vet and Donate Today!!!

Shepherd's Grip
PO Box 1246
Queen Creek AZ, 85242

Shepherd's Grip Ministry

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Undiagnosed Illnesses of The Persian Gulf War

Veterans with undiagnosed illnesses now have an additional five years to qualify for benefits.  A recent change in the VA regulations affects Veterans of the conflict in Southwest Asia. (More in VA Health Trends newsletter). Many have attributed a range of undiagnosed or poorly understood medical problems to their military services.

Chemical weapons, environmental hazards and Vaccinations are among the possible causes.  At issues is the eligibility of Veterans to claim VA disability compensation based upon those undiagnosed illnesses, and the ability of Survivors to qualify for VA's Dependency and Indemnity Compensation.

Formerly, Veterans with undiagnosed illness had to establish eligibility for the VA benefits by December 31, 2011.  The new change pushes the "DATE BACK" to December 31, 2016.

Veterans or survivors who believe they qualify for these benefits should contact the VA at 1-800-827-1000

Further information is available online at                                                   

Whats at stake could be up to $2,800 a month to sick and unemployable Veterans with Undiagnosed Illnesses.  This information was gather from the Health Trends that is a Quarterly Newsletter for the Phoenix Health Care System.  This does not mean that you can not apply if you are only here during the winter and going back home after the snow melts.

You have to fight the VA for your benefits and please remember "You are Not" taking away from another Veteran benefits. Iif you think you many fit within the guild lines of the new "Rules to apply" please do it .

We must fight for the ones behind us as our Older Veteran's had done for us!

May GOD Bless you and please "Fight the Good Fight" and  follow though with your claim!

No Veteran left behind!

Gregg Jones

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Veterans That Need Help

Today's post deals with getting the help that many Veterans need. I myself suffered from many different physical illnesses. I also have been blessed to have received a Service Canine from (Hilly) for my hearing loss and many other health issues at no cost, after a long process that was well worth it. She has changed my life and the way I look at people in a general sense. She is a friend that I could not live without nor would I. Having been in your face kind of Marine, I found myself needing the help to deal with issues on day by day hour by hour bases each and every day after serving as Detachment Commander in Sann'a Yemen on active duty for over two years. It was killing me from the inside out, and finally a Doctor told me "You’re killing yourself, is this life you want". I can not say it enough, if someone you love or another friend tells you that you have changed and are "different", get the help that you needed. I will be posting updates on this blog to get the information out to help find as many Providers that the VA system offer to the Veteran men and women alike. I never knew what was out there until I had to do much leg work to find them like the "independent living program" is just one to start. Trust me after 20+ years in the United States Marine Corps, I still have to fight the up hill "Battle" to get the resource's that are out there for the America Veteran and myself. They have not, nor will not ever make a list of services that this Government offers you the Veteran. I hope that if you know of someone that is hurting, please give them this blog site as I fight the good fight for all of us. God Bless and stay in touch. My email is for questions that are kept between you and I!

May the Lord Jesus Christ Guild you and help you in the trials ahead!

Remember: Lifeline @ 1 (800) 273- 8255 "Make the Call"

Gregg Jones
Gysgt Ret USMC   

Friday, February 10, 2012


What a Great Arizona Standdown for February 2012!  And when I say "GREAT I MEAN IT" wait until you see 2013!  All Marines on Deck!!!!!  There's no time to wait! "GET INVOLED" and that means YOU"!!!!  Sign up  "SO YOU CAN LEAD, FOLLOW or GET out of the way!!!  We are not going to stop until all Veterans are counted for!! Do you hear me!!  "FOLLOW US AS WE MOVE FORWARD TO THE 2013 ARIZONA STANDDOWN" and take care of our America Veterans!  I'LL BE THERE!!   HOW ABOUT YOU!!!    "DON'T BE LEFT IN THE REAR WITH THE GEAR"    "AM I CLEAR" !!!!!!

Greetings (Gunny) Jones

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gregg's challenge

Stand Down

The  Arizona Stand down was a Hugh success with Mr. Strickland on board to watch provides work extremely hard to provide much needed services over February 3rd-5th 2012.  Over 1,200 Veterans and family members were served from the smallest of items to all out clothing just on Friday alone We believe there was another 1200-1300 on Saturday the 4th numbers and after action reports will help to zero in on the exact numbers. There were 600 warrants cleared on Friday, again total numbers will be available in up coming days. Many who had a warrant cleared was awarded community service to performed and maintain the general clean ups required in such an event of this size.  The Veterans Memorial Coliseum both Friday the 3rd and Saturday the 4th were packed with services providers and Veterans Some of the providers were the Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) with Team Hilly and Gregg, the United Way, VA Assistance, VA Medical, VA Mental Health, Housing Assistance, City Of Phoenix Municipal Court, Substance Abuse Counselors and Referrals, DES Employment and Benefits, Social Security Information, MVD-ID's, DMV-Licenses, Legal Aid Assistance, Tax Services Secure Sleeping Areas for Men-Women and families, Meals, Haircut's, Showers, Storage, Dental, Pet Care.  Closing ceremony was Sunday with a prior Veteran that fought back drug abuse and many other issues to be the guest speaker to other Veterans that have had or are having the same issues.  What a weekend for Shepherd's Grip, break down and finial clean up was completed on Sunday the 5th of February 2012 and looking to forward to 2013.  Shepherd's Grip was filling a big need as we have for the last 4 years with prayers and distributing Christan books and Bibles to Veterans that were seeking to find there Spiritual needs and to put a focus on the family and there needs also. What a Blessing to take part in these Veterans lives that have sometime Hugh needs and to see all the volunteer's providing that special touch to reach out to the most needy in this Country. We Thank Brad, Debbie, and all that worked so hard to take the time to care to make 2012 a great success.  God Bless and Looking forward to 2013!

Shepherd's Grip