Sunday, August 26, 2012

IT's Never to Late!

Three weeks or so ago I found myself in Palo Alto California at the VA Center for the WRISS program. It is a two part assessment for the many different illnesses related to the Gulf War that have not been explained for what ever reason.  I would be there for 4 days as a live guinea pig to help find some answers and maybe some "How's and Why's".  Part One was to have a pretty extensive medical exam from some of the finest Doctors at the Staford Medical Institute.  Their job was to collect as much Medical information as possible from my medical records and to interview me on many different topics and exposures in the "Gulf War" related to the illnesses that effect many American and NATO Veterans.  Part 2 was for the Medical Team to use me as a guinea pig with the state of the art MRI equipment in hopes to gather information about TBI's (traumatic brain injures) through PET and CAT Scan tests and to see how they effect the service men/woman's brains after being exposed to them.  This Blog really is not about the medical exam as it is about a man named Tom. Tom was 82 years old and had cancer in his lungs and had never been sick in his lifetime, now he's in a fight for his life. I met Tom's wife outside his room one night and she had told me that he has never excepted the Lord Jesus as his Savior and had gone to the point to tell his Priest that he could not even pray for him. Tom was hurting from something and scared to die! I asked Tom's wife if I could try to talk to Tom, and she said please with tears in her eyes.  I told her, I am nobody special except I have talked to many Veterans in the past and with the "Holy Spirit" all things are possible! So as Tom and I talked about his condition and that the outlook wasn't as good as he would have liked, I could feel the change in the room. I then asked Tom if I could pray for him, he accepted. There wasn't a dry eye in the room.  Tom's wife told me that I was the only one that he had ever let pray for him in his 82years here on earth!  It's Never to Late to have someone accept the Lord!  Be bold in the Lord and Just ask!

Shepherd's Grip

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Brian Ring said...

Great story! It's so encouraging to see what God is doing through us for others.