Friday, February 10, 2012


What a Great Arizona Standdown for February 2012!  And when I say "GREAT I MEAN IT" wait until you see 2013!  All Marines on Deck!!!!!  There's no time to wait! "GET INVOLED" and that means YOU"!!!!  Sign up  "SO YOU CAN LEAD, FOLLOW or GET out of the way!!!  We are not going to stop until all Veterans are counted for!! Do you hear me!!  "FOLLOW US AS WE MOVE FORWARD TO THE 2013 ARIZONA STANDDOWN" and take care of our America Veterans!  I'LL BE THERE!!   HOW ABOUT YOU!!!    "DON'T BE LEFT IN THE REAR WITH THE GEAR"    "AM I CLEAR" !!!!!!

Greetings (Gunny) Jones

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