Saturday, February 11, 2012

Veterans That Need Help

Today's post deals with getting the help that many Veterans need. I myself suffered from many different physical illnesses. I also have been blessed to have received a Service Canine from (Hilly) for my hearing loss and many other health issues at no cost, after a long process that was well worth it. She has changed my life and the way I look at people in a general sense. She is a friend that I could not live without nor would I. Having been in your face kind of Marine, I found myself needing the help to deal with issues on day by day hour by hour bases each and every day after serving as Detachment Commander in Sann'a Yemen on active duty for over two years. It was killing me from the inside out, and finally a Doctor told me "You’re killing yourself, is this life you want". I can not say it enough, if someone you love or another friend tells you that you have changed and are "different", get the help that you needed. I will be posting updates on this blog to get the information out to help find as many Providers that the VA system offer to the Veteran men and women alike. I never knew what was out there until I had to do much leg work to find them like the "independent living program" is just one to start. Trust me after 20+ years in the United States Marine Corps, I still have to fight the up hill "Battle" to get the resource's that are out there for the America Veteran and myself. They have not, nor will not ever make a list of services that this Government offers you the Veteran. I hope that if you know of someone that is hurting, please give them this blog site as I fight the good fight for all of us. God Bless and stay in touch. My email is for questions that are kept between you and I!

May the Lord Jesus Christ Guild you and help you in the trials ahead!

Remember: Lifeline @ 1 (800) 273- 8255 "Make the Call"

Gregg Jones
Gysgt Ret USMC   

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